Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

120+ I’m Sorry Messages For Girlfriend 2021 (Best Apology Messages)

In this whole universe, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes in a way or the other. There are several hurdles or obstacles which are faced in a relationship. However, there’s a way by which all the major and minor issues can be resolved instantly, and that happens through effective communication. 

A particular relation holds arguments, misunderstandings as well as fights. Hence, when you understand that there’s a mistake from your end, try sorting out issues or apologize in any way possible.

Apologies or saying sorry might not cause any harm to you or the other one. Indeed, it clears out issues instantly. Don’t be the reason for tears in your partner’s life. Begin off your relationship on a healthy note. When you accept your apologies or mistakes, it means that you feel sorry for all such bad actions or errors. 

Hence, here’s a list of top sorry messages for gf or girlfriend. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Heart-touching sorry messages for girlfriend

With heart-touching sorry messages, it can be easily understood that the messages should contain some extra emotions or love as a whole. Therefore, using terms like sweet sorry SMS and cute sorry messages could help find the right set of messages. 

1. Since the day I hurt you, there’s no such sleeping night. I request you to find peace in your heart and pardon me. Love and sorry. 

2. My intention was not to make you feel lonely, and never I want you to. I am the same person who loves you endlessly. Love you always.

3. Hey, my love, I don’t want to rush things up. Rather, I want you to take time and think about what’s right and wrong. I’ll be waiting for your answer. Sorry for what I said. Try forgetting and forgiving.

4. My darling, I’m sorry for all the wrongs. Believe me and have faith. I promise not to repeat such in the future. Love you and sorry.

5. I always thought that I’m strong enough. Yes, I was till the day this disease didn’t catch me. Today, I feel sorry for whatever I said and did. Please forgive me. Apologies.

6. Hey, my love, you are the treasure of my heart and the love of my life. Don’t worry; I’ll wait for your answer. Indeed, I would like to repeat it. Sorry and love you forever. 

7. If there’s something I want to bring back, it’s my time with you. The days were memorable and precious. I hope you’ll give me a second chance to hold back. Sorry and love you.

8. Love has got several phases and is smooth enough. I hope we pass this stage soon and live a long-lasting life together. I’m sorry, darling. 

9. Being with someone is not fine with me. Being with you fits the purpose. You are the beat of my heart, and I will love you forever. I’m sorry, my dear. Please forgive me. 

10. If you give me a chance to love again, I promise not to repeat the past. Here I ask you apologies. Love and sorry.

11. In my whole life of mine, you are one of a kind. I love you and ask you to forgive me for all the mistakes I made. 

12. Forgive me for the wrong, and I promise to be the best. My over, sorry for everything I did. Love you. 

13. I strive for your love every day. You are my queen, and I don’t want to mess up things with you. Sorry and love you forever. 

14. You are an angel and the best one to understand and forgive my faults. You are sweet, and I love you endlessly. Sorry again. 

15. My love, you are the sweetest and hence the one I love the most. Please forgive me for all my bad. I love you

Heart-touching sorry messages for an ex-girlfriend

We usually talk about the present or the girlfriend an individual has at a current point in time. However, there are times when the relationship with an ex-girlfriend can even be brought right back on track. This could have happened if you have behaved with her. Hence, messages with the motive highlighting ‘sorry for hurting you’ could serve the purpose.

16. To my ex-l girlfriend, sorry for all such pathetic things I did last night. I am ashamed for all my mistakes and hence feeling sorry for the same. I hope not to repeat it in the future. Sorry for everything.

17. Dear ex-girlfriend, I ask sorry for hurting you, and I hope you will forgive me. I promise to send my love to you. Sorry again. 

18. Dear ex-girlfriend, through this text, here’s a note of sorry to you. Do forgive me, and I assure you not to repeat anything as such. Sorry and love you. 

19. I feel guilty for all such harsh words to my ex-girlfriend, and I hope you will forgive me again. My dear, as all such time passed by, we had enough memories together. Though we are not together, yet we share love along. I feel guilty and hence sorry for the same. 

20. If I had someone who is best in all, I surely believe that you are the one. We are together not by the mind but by heart. Sorry for making things worse. Love you. 

21. Here’s a text with romantic sorry wishes for my cute ex-girlfriend for having hurt her. I hope you will forgive me very soon and will accept all the gifts I sent to you.

22. My dear, you might be my past, but for me, you are forever and ever mine. I’m sorry for making things worse, and I promise there’s still best to come. 

23. In the court of love, I might not have stood Upto the mark. It might be the sole reason we lost our beautiful relationship. I am extremely sorry for what has happened. I love you truly.

24. We have been through, and for what we still can be, there’s still a way to give a second chance to our relationship. I’m sorry, and I love you endlessly. 

25. Though we broke up the other day, I don’t find the means to forget our memories. I think sorry won’t sound enough. Yet, sorry is everything I can offer. Sorry and love you. 

26. For whatever I said, I would like to convey a note of sorry for whatever I did. Love and apologies. 

27. If there’s a chance to think about yourself and the one you miss the most, you are the absolute one.

28. With each passing day, I miss the memories we had and how I didn’t make the right use of your feelings. I miss you and want to say sorry to you. 

29. Though it’s the fate that had ripped us apart, yet it can never steal memories that we had made together, being one as a whole. Sorry and love you. 

30. I might sound rule sometimes, yet there’s a feeling of love and care for you within me. With all love, I hope you forgive me for what I did and said. You are not just my ex-girlfriend but also a forever friend. Sorry and love you. 

Heart-touching sorry messages for a friend

A Friend is the basic necessity of life. As we need water, food, and air to live, a friend serves the purpose of making things easy for an individual. Hence, special sorry SMS or some cute sorry messages could sound good for consoling a true friend of yours. Additionally, messages like sorry from heart, sweet sorry messages, or sorry SMS can also be used for the same. 

31. If I have hurt you with my cruel behavior or words, I am sorry. Though I can’t change up things yet, I assure you about being polite. Sorry and love you. 

32. I’m feeling deeply sorry for the cruel behavior. I wish if I could be more careful about what I said and did. Please accept my note of apologies and love. 

33. I wish I could carry back the bundle of hurtful things I have said or did. I could make everything back to normal. Please forgive me as I love you endlessly. 

34. Hey my darling, I would never lie to you. I wish I could take back the pain I had given you. However, I promise to take care of future feelings. Sorry and love you. 

35. Our friendship is much more important than these stupid mistakes or ego. Hence, I here pledge to forgive myself. Accept my apologies and love. 

36. The biggest failure in life occurs when you break the heart of your loved ones. I would never be able to express how much I love you. Sorry about everything. 

37. My friend, I’ve been spending sleepless nights for quite so long. It’s not because I hurt you long but because I love you more. 

38. I shout with you. I fight with you. I hurt you a lot, and I do misbehave with you. But I can’t live without you. My life without you is of no importance. Love you and sorry for everything. 

39. Sometimes, I do take you for granted. You know why? Because deep down, I know that my best friend will understand me. Sorry and love you. 

40. You hold a very special place in my heart. I don’t even want to lose you. Sorry for everything, my love. 

41. Though our friendship has no rules, yet it’s based on two beautiful things – unlimited forgiveness and love. Sorry for annoying you every other day. Please forgive me, and I love you. 

42. There’s no place for such a stupid argument in our friendship. I know you understand me even better than myself. Sorry for whatever I said. Love You. 

43. Every day and at each moment, I miss you. I am extremely sorry for hurting this way. Certainly, I assure you not to repeat this way. Sorry and love you. 

44. The world is full and dark when there’s no smile on your face. I know I’m the reason for your upset. Sorry for everything, dear. 

45. If there’s a way I would regret all I did, I would certainly ask you to forgive me asap. I love you and feeling sorry for my behavior. Sorry, dear. 

Heart-touching sorry messages for best friend. 

We considered the situation while conveying sorry to a friend. Indeed, a best friend too doesn’t lie much back. As similar to sorry messages for friends, we can use terms like sweet sorry messages, sorry SMS, sorry from heart, special sorry messages, or cute sorry SMS. 

46. We are best friends, and there’s nothing that can change this statement. Not me, nor you, and neither the tendency to remain to fool at some point in time. I am sorry, dear. Please forgive me. 

47. I’m feeling sorry for being so in pain and, in this whole process, causing you pain. Our friendship means a lot to me, and I’m speechless about to explain what you mean to me. 

48. All I can say is sorry and sorry. Though that doesn’t sound enough, I believe there’s a lot of positive that can be done. Sorry and love you, my friend. 

49. I know you can’t be mad at me for a longer period. Please forgive me for what I said or did. I won’t repeat it. Sorry and love you.

50. I won’t utter a word. The reason being is the apologies which can never be conveyed. I want you to look into the tears in my eyes till the time your heart melts up. I am sorry for everything. 

51. Just the way you spotted my lie by staring into my eyes, I’m sure you will spot the regret in my heart by hearing my voice. I’m extremely sorry for everything. 

52. I feel bad that I hurt you. I’m not bad by heart but just by voice. I know you can understand me much better than I can. I’m extremely sorry for what I said. 

53. It doesn’t matter if you forgive me or not. You will always be my friend, and I love you endlessly. I’m sorry, dear. 

54. With our lifelong friendship. My mistakes are sometimes more severe than anyone. I love you and sorry for what I did. 

55. There may never be the day again when I would disappoint you like yesterday. I hope you forgive me so that We would remain buddies for the rest of our lives. 

56. I know you are kind enough to forgive me another time or one last time. Please offer me one last time, and I promise I won’t disappoint you any other day.

57. I am sorry for creating such negative energy around you. I hope you forgive me one last time. Extremely sorry for everything I did. 

58. If I knew that my actions would be the reason to hurt you, I would have thought thousand times to utter a single word. You matter to me a lot, and I love you. I am sorry. 

59. I am not sure how many people can tolerate my mood swings, but I’m sure you are the one. I’m feeling sorry for the same. 

60. Hey, my friend, my motive was not to upset you. I just lied to save our friendship. I hope you understand me better. I want to clear out everything very soon. Love and sorry.

Heart touching sorry letter for girlfriend

Saying sorry to your gf or girlfriend requires some extra effort. Therefore, the best wishes related to heart-touching sorry letter for girlfriend can be easily grabbed by used the keywords like sweet sorry messages, sorry SMS, sorry from heart, special sorry messages, cute sorry SMS, etc. They all serve the purpose as a whole. 

61. My love, you are mad at me and I at you. We love each other endlessly, yet these silly issues take place each time we meet. I hope to shower love on you, and you shower it back. We are made for each other, and I don’t want to spoil anything between us—love, sorry, and promises. 

62. Hey, my love, I can’t find the right set of words to explain how disappointed I feel while remembering that devastating night. Still, I would like to assure you to forgive me one last time, and I won’t repeat such. Sorry for everything. 

63. My dear love, you are good, awesome, and lovely. I don’t know how to make you feel what is going inside me. I love you, miss you, and there’s no specific reason to hurt you as I did. Still, I would like to ask sorry and apologies for the same. Please forgive me, love. 

64. Words will fall short in explaining what I feel for you. You are too close to my heart and life. I wish we could spend time together and forever. The love between us will always ramp up. There’s a lot to love and explain. Sorry for everything.

65. My love, we shared everything from emotions to long-life memories. Though things are not the same forever, I don’t want to face such issues. You are love and blessing to me, and I don’t want to lose you. Sorry for everything. 

66. My love, with such faults from my end, I want to assure you that I will be waiting for you today and always. Love from my end will always be showered on you. Be with me always and forgive me for everything. Sorry, darling. 

67. If there’s something I want to improve within myself, it would be my way of reaching towards things as they hurt you the most. I love you endlessly, and that would ebb down ever. I am feeling sorry for everything. 

68. Last light was the worst in my life. Though we cannot reverse up the things yet, I believe there’s a sorry I can assure you of future mistakes. Love you and will forever. Please forgive me. 

69. Hey, my love, I made a mistake, and I repeated it after that. I know I am wrong, but not the worst. Please forgive me for what I did again. This time I won’t promise you but try making myself a good person in the near future. Love and sorry. 

70. My love, if you ever bring yourself to forgive me, I would be the most blessed person. I want you to pardon me for what I did and offer me a second chance. I promise not to repeat anything as such. Sorry and Love You. 

71. Hey, my darling, we had enough memories together, enough time together, enough blessings together, and ultimately we shared everything. Hence, I want to carry along with the things and provide me a chance for all my wrongs. Love You and sorry. 

72. Hey baby, I want you to know that I am here waiting eagerly for you and your reply of forgiving me instantly. Being instant will help me to stay calm and work on my negatives. Love and sorry. 

73. My dear love, I miss your voice, arms, smile, and everything related to you. Though I might sound cheap, there’s enough luxury between us. You are my life today, tomorrow, and forever. Sorry for everything. 

74. My dear love of my whole life, I don’t know what really can I do to express my feelings. All I can say is that you are sweet and strong, and such useless words of mine might not affect you drastically. Please provide me with a note of forgiveness, and I promise not to repeat it again ever. 

75. Here’s to note of sorry for the one I love, the one I cannot live without. You are a blessing to me, and I trust you forever. My motive was not to make you feel embarrassed but to understand right and wrong. Yet, I believe my way of tackling things was not up to the mark. Sorry for everything. I love you.

 Long sorry messages for girlfriend

Sorry, SMS for gf or sorry messages for gf is among the few terms that help get the right mixture of apology messages related to the girlfriend’s long sorry messages. Such wishes help in conveying longer wishes which holds a large amount of feelings and words.

76. My love, I would take the chance to express things widely. You are the love of my life, and I feel I could be the most blessed person with your presence. If things could get better, I would have left all my negatives behind and would carry along with the positives in life. Love you forever, today and every day. 

77. My dear love, you are impeccable, lovely, and sweet. You are such a person who wishes for the best in me and strives to make me even better each day. You are a genuine friend and a true human being, and I always want to make our bond even more special. There’s just a fault that proves hurdle every time I try to make things work in a positive direction. LoveYou. Sorry for everything.

78. My darling, what a unique and extremely good personality you own. I am blessed to have you in my life today and forever. Yet, I wish I could not have talked anything vulgar as I always do. You are such a blessing to me. I Love you to the moon and back. Please with me always. Sorry again and loads of love. 

79. My darling, my love, my soulmate. I don’t know how to express my love using words. I believe that you are such an impeccable person who made me realize the best in me and nurtured me to make a good human. Yet, my behavior towards you is not at all up to the mark. I want to apologize for whatever I did and assure you that such things won’t be repeated again.

80. If I would have a choice to prefer someone as a friend or a best friend or a girlfriend, you will be the absolute one. I don’t want to lose you and ever stay apart. Please be mine together and forgive me with all my sins. I’m so sorry for everything.

81. My love, you are a true blessing to me. Having you in life is one of such biggest gifts I got from god. I promise not to break your trust again. I’m truly feeling ashamed of what I did, and there’s a lot I want to talk about. Hope to see you soon. Sorry again. 

82. I understand that trust is the most crucial aspect of our relation, but I being silly, broke that trust. I am sorry for what I did. I also know that trust is not just enough, yet I promise to win it back through positive actions. Looking forward to the day you will trust me back. Love you and sorry. 

83. Baby, I apologize for not being conveyed to you the trust about my past. My intent was not to hide anything. I want to know and everything about my past and present. Please be assured about our true relationship. I will always be yours. Sorry and LoveYou. 

84. I know you feel bad while seeing me with another girl. I promise you to remain faithful, but it’s disheartening to say that I fall short of my promise. I regretted my mistake, but each time I see you, it feels like the number is yet short. Please forgive me with your love, and I will keep my promise for the next time. Love You. 

85. There’s a missing piece in my life puzzle, and it’s none other than you. You are my life, soulmate, friend, and everything I can even think of. You are sweet, and I love you. Please forgive me and be with me always. 

86. Hey my darling, please accept my apologies. I know I have done wrong with you, but there’s still much love for you in my heart. You were always mine, and I always wanted you to be with me throughout the life. Sorry. 

87. Here, I would like to pause in asking for forgiveness. I’m simply jealous with no obvious reason. I accept my mistakes. I want you to love me endlessly. Sorry and Love You.

88. I might not be the best at everything but the best in loving you. You are my reason for joy, and I don’t wish to see you in trouble because of me. Please be kind and forgive me for the known reasons. Sorry. 

89. I’m just a simple boy standing in front of a girl, asking for apologies. This line might sound familiar, but I love you more than anyone and anything with all hearts. Please forgive me, love.

90. Here’s a true note of sorry for the one close to my heart and life. You are my true love and the best friend. Yet, my behavior towards you has never been smooth. I know this is rude and bad. However, I want you to feel that I love to the moon and back. Sorry and love forever.

Heart touching messages for girlfriend

With heart touching, it can be easily understood that the messages should contain some extra emotions or love as a whole. Therefore, using keywords like sorry messages for girlfriend, sorry SMS for gf, special sorry SMS, sorry quotes for gf, etc., would be helpful enough. 

91. You are both luxuries as well as a necessity for me. Hence, I won’t ever start my day without seeing your beautiful face, my queen.

92. Here are millions of butterfly kisses for you that will help you smile all day long. You are an impeccable human, my baby.

93. Every morning carries along with new opportunities and Hopes. I wish you all the best for today and tomorrow. Loads of love.

94. Owing to beautiful and soft women like you make every day count, and every second spent with you Marks the time well spent. Love you, sweetie.

95. I hope that I could be the sun which could gently care your face each morning you wake up. My dear baby, Love You.

96. You are kind, sweet, cute, and humble as well. I love you more than anything and will love you till my last breath. Loads of love and kisses. 

97. Another beautiful day has begun up. May you grab all the desires of life, and may all your dreams come true. Love and blessings. 

98. It does not matter the no. of times I see you. Your beauty makes my stomach growl out in nervousness, and the knees go weak. I cheer every part of yours.

99. You are the kindest and sweetest soul which I ever met, and I’m lucky to have you as a companion. You have a special place in my heart. 

100. I don’t know if you feel the same, but the love is in the air. I feel it at every moment and every place in my life. I am falling in love with each passing day. 

101. There are two times when I wanted to stay with you: Now and Forever.

102. People say that nothing in this world is eternal. However, I don’t believe in such. I will love you endlessly and forever. 

103. I want to sleep by the side of you, and every morning I would like to wake up with a kiss on hour forehead. You are a perfect girl for me. Love you, sweetheart.

104. Hey honey, you are love and blessing. I feel in love with you and feel blessed to have you. Be with me always.

105. If there’s something, I wish to keep with myself. It’s you. You and your love are everything I need to live my life. 

 Heart touching sorry messages for wife

There are several close relationships in the world, and the wife is one of such. Searching for quotes under heart touching sorry messages for wife can be attained using special keywords like sry SMS, sorry from heart, cute sorry messages, sweet sorry messages, special sorry SMS, sorry for hurting you, etc. 

106. I’m sorry, honey. I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted to give you the pain you actually felt. 

107. My love, I’m deeply ashamed of myself for hurting you so badly. Please accept my apology and any other chance.

108. Honey, I never wanted to hurt you badly. You are the only one close to my heart, and I love you endlessly. 

109. My darling, I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted to make you feel embarrassed. You are only one and one for me. Today and tomorrow. Sorry for hurting you.

110. Baby, I cannot tolerate such distance between us. You are my heart and life. A mistake of mine cannot impart distance. Sorry Honey.

111. Dear wife did you ever though why I always scold you. The sole reason is my love for you. Endless love for lovely wife. Yet, sorry for being rude sometimes.

112. My sorry is not just because I should. I mean it. I love you to the moon and back, and there’s no chance of denying that.

113. My attitude won’t destroy our relation. We have a sweet relation, and we own it fully. Accept my sorry for being so rude, but I love you, and that what matters.

114. My life, I’m sorry for being so hurting and rude to you. I started the fight and now feeling so down. Please forgive me, and I promise not to repeat the sin. Loads of love.

115. My dear wife, you are such a good human who takes care of every step of mine. You don’t miss things that relate to me, and I’m blessed to have you. LoveYou and sorry. 

116. Sweetheart, I’m extremely sorry because I hurt you. I didn’t hurt you willingly, but I love you unconditionally. Sorry for what I said and did. Sorry and LoveYou.

117. Baby, I might not be the perfect one. But absolutely the one who loves you to the moon and back. There’s immense love which I hold towards you.

118. The bigger part of my heart is broken into pieces. The reason being I was rude to you. Sorry for what I did. Love you forever.

119. Sweetheart! Come along with me. Forget fate and hold my hand. I will love you forever. Sorry for everything. 

120. I’m a guy on bended knees who are eagerly waiting to hear forgiveness from his understanding and lovely wife. Extremely sorry for everything, my love.


Humans ought to make mistakes. When considering the other person as your gf or girlfriend, it is important to understand the means of your relationship and maintain a healthy relationship between the two. This is not because of future goals but to consider the present as essential for an individual’s life. 

The girlfriend gets offended very easily or in a matter of seconds. Hence, considering a relationship where both the parties look forward to the other views on an identical topic and even try expressing theirs seems fruitful. Within a particular relation, communication is the best way to get things done. Therefore, in case of issues between the two, the above-curated wishes or messages will prove feasible for the individual. 

In a nutshell, a person can easily rely on the above wishes like sorry messages for gf, heart-touching sorry messages for girlfriend, sorry wishes for an ex-girlfriend, heart connecting sorry messages for friend, and even sorry messages for wife. All such bundled-up wishes would help you provide a one-stop solution to get things right back on track. Try on above listed sorry messages for girlfriend and get her back in your life.

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